Transcripts & Recommendations

TRANSCRIPTS & RECORDS (adults do this)

During the process of applying to high school, private/non-DOE schools will likely require that academic records are sent directly to them by ESMS. 

Parents/guardians should make the request for records using our Google form HERE (not by email or phone).  Please use this request form as many times as needed (once for each school) to authorize the release of a child's transcript and/or report card.  You should complete this form even if the school is sending us their own request for records.

  • For Fall 2023 admission, the deadline to submit this form is December 16, 2022.
  • First trimester report cards will be available December 23, and records will be sent sometime in early to mid-January. (Independent schools are familiar with this timetable.)
  • Transcripts will not include the current school year until the end of June 2023.
  • Transcripts and report card final grades from June 2020 will only show a grade of "MT" (Meets Standards)

All private schools looking for a contact regarding the upload of records/transcripts should be given


Students applying to private/non-DOE schools will usually find they need teacher, guidance counselor and/or administration recommendations. It is the students who must request them, and their teachers will explain in October how to properly make, follow up on and track these requests.  The deadline to make these requests is December 16, 2022.

Our 8th graders spend time with their homeroom teachers in the fall, writing guided self-reflections.  All teachers will be able to access these statements if they are approached to write personal recommendations. Articulating their interests, strengths & learning styles in these paragraphs may help students evaluate the fit of the public and private schools they research, and it will get them off to a great start if they are applying to independent schools that require personal statements.