Open House

Fall 2023 Open Houses were held on the following dates: Oct 3, 16, 24, 25, Nov 2, 13, 15

Watch the recording of our Nov. 13 Zoom Open House

Thank you for your interest in East Side Middle School!

Our staff and students were happy to share the special things about our school with the hundreds of 5th grade families who came to the building or joined us on Zoom for an informational Open House.  The video that played at the start of each Open House was made by students last spring, to show our classrooms to the admitted families who could not attend Orientation.  You can watch it here.  (note: the 5th floor library you see has been renovated. It will soon open as a maker space and a classroom, and those books and computers are now in classroom libraries.)

Notes from our Fall 2023 Open Houses:

- Our school day is 9am-3:20pm; the 92nd St gate opens at 8:40am and breakfast is available in the cafeteria until 8:55am

- Each grade has 5 homerooms,  3 of which are ICT classes; 6th Grade ICT classes have 28-29 students and Gen Ed 32 students

- Currently, our day contains eight 42-minute periods, one of which is lunch

- The 6th grade eats lunch at homeroom tables in the cafeteria for the first few weeks of school. After that time, with parent permission, they will have Out Lunch privileges. Meals are always free at ESMS and bagged lunches are available for students going to Out Lunch. About 1/3 of our students stay in on any given day.

- ESMS has robust mental health supports, including a comfort dog program, a guidance counselor, social worker and restorative justice training for teachers

- 6th graders take Science, Humanities (ELA & Social Studies), Accelerated Illustrative Math, Graphic Arts, Dance and PE. We also have periods for Advisory, Enrichment and Friday Electives (ex: yoga, board games, chess, knitting, wiffle ball). 

- 7th and 8th graders take Spanish, culminating in the NY State Proficiency Exam

- Accelerated math in 6th & 7th grades leads to Algebra I in 8th grade. Students take the Algebra Regents in June. That is currently our only Regents class.

- Our student council has several committees that actively support our unhoused or food insecure neighbors; in the past they have also testified (with success!) at the city and state level in support of additional school counselors and more mental health services in schools

- Our hallways are too narrow for lockers, unfortunately, so we utilize the closets in homerooms

- Afterschool: Manhattan Youth runs our sports & after school activities, which operate 5 days a week and are free. There is a snack from 3:20-3:30 and then 2 sessions of activities: 3:30-4:45pm and 4:45-5:45pm. While some activities do fill up, there is always some sort of space for everyone who is interested. Current offerings and afterschool contact info are on the ESMS website. Teams play in the Middle School Athletic League/MSAL, and ESMS has had several recent City Champions in Table Tennis, Soccer and Volleyball. Examples of current/recent non-sports activities are Musical Theater, Debate, Lego Robotics, Newspaper, Filmmaking, Art, Photography, E-gamers, Knitting, and Study Lab. 

- Currently, we do not have a chess team, but many of you asked about it, and Manhattan Youth would love to respond to family interest; if you are offered a seat at ESMS and want to revive the chess team, please reach out to

- We do not have a yellow bus for commuting unless it is mandated on your child's IEP. Students who are determined by the DOE to live an eligible distance away receive Metrocards for travel to/from school

As a reminder, unless you live or attend elementary school within School District 2, ESMS will not appear on your MySchools application.

Questions? Email Beth Servetar, Parent Coordinator -