Student Absences During Climate Strike on September 20, 2019

On Friday, September 20, students may decide to participate in the Climate Strike, a youth-organized event for action against climate change. Participation is an individual decision, and we encourage your family to discuss your plans ahead of time.

The Department of Education (DOE) will excuse absences of students participating in the Climate Strike on 9/20,
provided ESMS receives parent/guardian emailed consent by 9:00am Friday 9/20

Parents giving permission for their child to be absent for all or part of the day should notify ESMS in writing ( by 9:00am Friday 9/20. Participating ESMS students who attend school in the morning may only leave if they are signed out an adult on their blue card. If an ESMS student participates in the strike without advance parental permission, the student’s absence will not be excused. There are no disciplinary consequences for excused absences. (More on attendance for elementary and high school students HERE).

Principal's Book Club

 This photo is of four letters R-E-A-D to highlight our Principal's Book Club.  Each letter is a bookshelf and contains books.

Parents are invited to join Mr. Getz and Ms. Hyman for our Principally For Parents Book Club


September 25th - Remains of the Day (Kazuo Ishiguro)
"The narrator of Kazuo Ishiguro's novel is the quintessential English butler who has outlived the heyday of country-house society..."

October 23rd -  Euphoria (Lily King)
November 13thParallel Lives (Phyllis Rose)

December 11th - When Breath Becomes Air (Paul Kalenithi) 
January 15th - Strangers in their Own Land (Arlie Russell)

If purchasing your book on Amazon, please be sure to use ESMS' Amazon Smile Account (see bottom of ESMS home page for details).

Please email our Parent Coordinator ( if you plan to attend.

Support East Side Middle School

This is a graphic that simply reads, Annual Fund, Give  Now.  This is to help promote donations to the school's annual fund.

Have you donated to your favorite middle school this year?

Please contribute to ESMS by donating HERE


ESMS School Store

New Merchandise Just Arrived!  

  This is a photo of two hoodie t-shirts, one gray, one blue.  Both have the letters ESMS on the chest.  The graphic is used to bring attention to the school's spiritwear available for sale. 
Show us your school spirit, Tigers!

Order today at

Fairway Community Partners

Every dollar you spend, ESMS gets 3%
On Double Days, we get 6%
  Shop hard / Shop often
For a Fairway Community Partners card, please contact
Parent Coordinator, Beth Servetar

ESMS Supports Immigrant Families

 This is a photo of a racially diverse group of young children.  The caption below it reads Protections for Immigrant Families and reference that the DOE is committed to protecting the rights of all their students and families.  The graphic precedes a link for more information.



 A graphic that reads "Jazz at Lincoln Center".  Each year, Lincoln Center Jazz comes to ESMS to present a program called Democracy & Jazz 

Thank you to the talented musicians from Jazz at Lincoln Center for performing at East Side Middle School!

This series of concerts at ESMS was part of

Democracy & Jazz,

illustrating the ideals of American democracy through the lens of America’s greatest and most democratic art form: jazz.

8th Grade Field Trip

East Side Middle School

Would Like to Thank the Cast and Producers of 

 This is a graphic of the Playbill magazine from the Broadway show, Come From Away.  ESMS students were invited to attend the show and do a Q&A with the cast following the performance. 

for a great Broadway experience and for the private Q & A session following both matinee performances!


Make Your Amazon Purchases Work For ESMS
Amazon will donate 0.5% of the purchase price from your eligible purchases to the ESMS PTA when you shop via our Amazon Smile. If not signed up, register at the Amazon Smile Page:, select:
East Side Middle School PTA
Location:  New York, NY

Remember to begin all future purchases at  Bookmark it in your browser now!


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