High School Admissions

In September, Jessica McInnis, our School Counselor, will conduct a presentation about the public high school application process. She will also provide 8th-grade students with a creation code to set up their application portal in MySchools. Prior to receiving that code, students do have enough access to MySchools.nyc to begin researching NYC public high schools and school programs. Please be advised that 2020-21 is quite unusual, and many schools will be updating their rubrics and requirements; that level of detailed new information may not yet have been finalized or included in MySchools. After school begins, that fully-activated portal will allow students to sign up for the SHSAT and - after receiving a 'how-to' from Jessica - register for LaGuardia HS auditions/portfolio reviews.  

The Dept. of Education has online versions of its high school admissions guides here: schools.nyc.gov/enrollment/enroll-grade-by-grade/high-school/nyc-high-school-admissions-guide. The high school page of their website also has helpful details for beginning your research: schools.nyc.gov/enrollment/enroll-grade-by-grade/high-school

Sign up for DOE newsletters (and emailed updates) on the grade level or area of interest: https://www.schools.nyc.gov/sign-up 

As soon as we at ESMS have more information, we will post it here and share it directly through the school e-blasts. 

Students applying to private and parochial schools will do so on their own through school-by-school processes. They will want to use the form also linked to this tab to request recommendations from their teachers in a timely fashion.