High School Admissions

 High School Admissions


We received the following information from enrollment:

The high school application for fall 2021 admissions is now open for families in MySchools.

Families can now log into MySchools (myschools.nyc), add programs to their "favorites" list, list up to 12 programs on their application in preference order, and submit their application. The DOE video series includes tutorial videos on how to create an account in MySchools, add your child, and start your high school application. Videos are in English, and translated captions are available at the link above in the nine DOE languages.

The deadline for families to submit their high school application is February 23, 2021. Families can make changes to their application at any time until February 23.

Changes to Admissions Methods:

This year due to COVID-19, several admissions methods will operate differently. Details about these changes are available to families in the updated 2021 NYC High School and Specialized High Schools Admissions Guide at schools.nyc.gov/HSGuide. Families should make note of the changes to the following admissions methods:
Educational Option (Ed. Opt.)
More details about high school auditions, including submission deadlines, are at schools.nyc.gov/HSAuditions.

Student data in MySchools:

This data includes:
Student biographical data (such as name, ID number, home address, guardian names, etc.)
Standardized test scores from spring 2019.
Course grades from 2018-2019, and through February 2020.
Current instructional program (for determining GE or SWD seat group).
Attendance and punctuality will not be used for admission to any high school program this year.

Diversity in Admissions:

Several high schools have new Diversity in Admissions (DIA) initiatives, and several high schools have made changes to their existing DIA initiatives. This affects which applicants to these programs are considered for offers first. The updated list and details are at schools.nyc.gov/DiversityAdmissions.

Families can also use the online directory in MySchools to find programs with a DIA initiative. Click or tap the "More Filters" button and then choose "Diversity in Admissions."

Jessica McInnis
School Counselor