High School Admissions

High School Results and Next Steps

As emailed June 1, 2022
High School results will go home the week of June 6. Next steps below.


Jessica McInnis
School Counselor
212-360-0114 (option 3)

Opting out: 
If you wish to decline your offer(s) because you are moving or your child will attend a private/parochial/boarding school, please complete THIS FORM ASAP. Jessica can help opt you out by the deadline of June 24, 2022.

Admissions Offers:
Next week the Office of Student Enrollment (OSE) will notify families by email that they can log into myschools.nyc to view their child’s high school admissions offer(s).

  • Students can get up to one offer from among the programs listed on their high school application, and students who auditioned for LaGuardia High School can get up to one offer to each program they auditioned for. Getting an offer to one of the programs at LaGuardia High School is not a guarantee, and getting an offer to one of the choices on your high school application is also not a guarantee. 
  • If the student received a Specialized High School offer, that seat will still appear in MySchools as well.
  • Students who do not get an offer to one of the choices on their high school application and also do not receive an offer to a Specialized High School will receive an offer to a program that they did not apply to. If you are unhappy with that offer or need other support, we recommend you reach out to a Family Welcome Center (333FWC@schools.nyc.gov) or call 718-935-2009 as soon as possible. 

Accepting offers:
Students with one main round admissions offer are defaulted to accept that offer in MySchools. You do not need to do anything further to attend that school in Fall 2022.

Students with more than one admissions offer (an offer to a program from their application  and an offer to a Specialized High School) MUST accept the offer they want by June 24, 2022. Families can accept the offer they want by doing one of the following:

  • Log into the family-facing MySchools site (myschools.nyc) and navigate to the “Waitlist” page.
  • Alert their current school counselor (or Family Welcome Center) about which offer they would like to accept, who can then indicate their choice in MySchools  

All high school programs (except the nine Specialized High Schools) will have waitlists.

  • Waitlists will open for schools and families in late June 2022.
  • Families may add their child to the waitlist of any school they are not currently on.
  • Students are automatically placed on the waitilsts of all schools that they ranked higher than the one to which they were matched.
  • If you would like to be added to the waitlist of a school that required something additional that you did not do, like an audition, please reach out directly to that school.
  • Please see details and a helpful video tutorial here: schools.nyc.gov/enrollment/enroll-grade-by-grade/high-school/waitlists

Summer SHSAT:
If you missed the SHSAT and would like to sign up for the August test administration, please reach out, and I will help you register. Note: This is not a re-test for students who took the SHSAT this year. Any student who wishes to take the test again in 9th grade will register through their high school.


Three New High Schools opening for Fall 2022
The DOE will open 3 new high schools this fall, two of which are hybrid or virtual. Information about the hybrid school is here: aschoolwithoutwalls.org. You will be able to add yourselves to their waitlists if you like. More information will be available soon. 


High School Admissions:

  • The high school application will open the week of January 24, 2022, and close on March 1, 2022.
  • Borough- and zone-based admissions priorities will remain in place this year. District-based admissions priorities were eliminated last year and will continue to not be used in high school admissions.
  • For high school programs that screen applicants, multiple measures will be used to evaluate students this year. These measures will include submissions of work samples from last year, such as essays or reports, and first-semester grades from this school year.
  • MySchools will reflect these updates within the coming week.

Our current list of Open Houses and Tours is  HERE

In this folder, you will find videos of our alumni talking about their public high schools, as well as the Powerpoint used in Jessica’s Nov 2021 HS Presentation.

The DOE will be hosting Part 2 of their virtual events series about high school admissions in NYC.

Families can learn when and how to apply, how offers are made, how to build a balanced high school application, how applicants will be evaluated for screened programs, and how to participate in the audition process for arts programs, including for LaGuardia High School. Each event is the same, but different interpretation services will be provided on the following dates:

January 24,  5pm to 6pm  | Event held in English. Interpretation provided in: Bangla, Korean, Spanish
January 26,  1pm to 2pm | Event held in English. Interpretation provided in: Arabic, French, Russian
January 27, 5pm to 6pm | Event held in English. Interpretation provided in: Chinese (Mandarin), Haitian Creole, Urdu

Join on Zoom by clicking here: https://bit.ly/HSEvent202. Check your email or schools.nyc.gov/High two business days before the event for a message that includes this same Zoom link and the password that you’ll need to join, as well as phone numbers to call for live interpretation in provided languages.

The DOE website has 8 HS admissions videos - Fall 2021 linked to the top of this page

Additional HS information:  schools.nyc.gov/High and schools.nyc.gov/SHS

Reminder for applicants to non-DOE schools – please follow all procedures on the Transcripts and Recommendations tab and respect the deadlines.

Jessica McInnis
ESMS School Counselor