Open House and Admissions

ADMISSIONS 2022-2023

The MySchools application for fall 2022 sixth grade is open through the deadline on March 1, 2022.


Starting with Fall 2022 admissions, the DOE will phase in a sibling priority for middle school applicants citywide.  

THIS YEAR: 5th graders applying now for fall 2022: applicants with a sibling in 6th grade will receive a priority to attend the same school as that sibling. Additionally, if a family has more than one child the same age applying to middle school, that family may choose to submit identical applications for those students so they receive an offer to the same program.

NEXT YEAR: For students applying during the 2022-2023 school year and entering middle school in fall 2023: Applicants with a sibling in sixth or seventh grade will receive a priority to attend the same school as that sibling.


Thank you to the hundreds of families who joined our Open House webinar on 12/6. 

 In case you missed it, you can watch the Zoom recording.

Speakers, in order of appearance:

David Getz, Principal
Amanda Hyman, Assistant Principal
Melissa Nathan: Humanities teacher (ESMS lead teacher)
John Fisher: Math teacher
Emilie Fure: Science teacher
ESMS 7th-8th grade students discuss classes, afterschool, clubs and special things about ESMS
Beth Servetar, Parent Coordinator
Joslin Paradise, PTA President
Nick Lacativa, Manhattan Youth Afterschool


December 9 at 9:30am

Parents of 5th graders with IEPs that mandate placement in an ICT class are invited to attend a Zoom meeting with our Lead Teacher, Melissa Nathan, on December 9 at 9:30am. This meeting will cover just ICT – please attend our Open House on 12/6 as well. RSVP here: and you will be sent a link for the meeting.

We are awaiting guidance from the city regarding the admissions process for the 2022-23 school year. If you are a NYC public school student, your elementary school will share this information with you as soon as the DOE makes it available. If you are coming from outside the DOE system, please work with the DOE Family Welcome Center for D2 to be sure you are ready when middle school applications open.  


If you are new to Community School District 2 or live in D2 and wish to move from private to public school, please contact the Department of Education's Family Welcome Center to begin the process of finding a seat for your child. The FWCs serve families all year round with enrollment and admissions and can be reached by email at: In addition to contacting the FWC, new D2 families may use this East Side Middle School form to informally inquire about our seat availability. This is not for students who already applied to ESMS or who are enrolled at another D2 middle school.

Please see our School Overview page to find out more about ESMS, and watch the main Dept of Ed website for changing admissions guidance.

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