ESMS Admissions Information


East Side Middle School serves students who live in school District 2 or attend a community elementary school in the district. 
We are awaiting guidance from the city regarding the admissions process for the 2022-23 school year.
Mid-year or Upper Grade Admissions: If you are new to Community School District 2 or live in D2 and wish to move from private to public school, please contact the Department of Education's Family Welcome Centers to begin the process of finding a seat for your child. The FWCs serve families all year round with enrollment and admissions and can be reached through their Request for Support link. Please watch the main Dept of Ed website: schools, for changing guidance on FWC phone contact or in-person appointments. In addition, new D2 families may use this form to inquire about seat availability at ESMS. This is not for students who already applied to ESMS or who are enrolled at another D2 middle school.
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