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East Side Middle School (MS 114) is a screened school located in District 2 in Manhattan. In order to be considered for admission, 5th grade students residing in District 2, or students who currently attend a District 2 public elementary school,  must list East Side Middle School (MS 114) among their choices on the DOE Middle School Choice Application.


Note - For the 2020-2021 school year, 17% of incoming 6th grade seats at ESMS will be prioritized for District 2 students who qualify for free or reduced-price lunch.

We do not accept applications with more than 10 latenesses and/or more than 15 unexcused absences.
Please do not contact us regarding your child's 4th grade attendance.
If your child's absences/latenesses have been excused, your elementary school will provide this information to us.

Once students are filtered for attendance, the following criteria are considered:

4th Grade NYS Standardized Test scores (ELA and Math).
Standardized test scores comprise 25% of the final score.
We will use the Proficiency Score. The highest possible score on both tests is 9.00 (4.50 on each); therefore, a perfect score of 9.00 equals 100%, and any score lower than a 9.00 will be calculated accordingly.

** For students with no state test scores
Per current District 2 policy for all middle school programs, if a child did not take a state test, the subject grade on the final 4th grade report card will be used as the child's test score. (i.e. If a child did not take the 4th grade state math test, and that child received a 3 for their math course grade, the child would be assigned a 3 as a math test score.) NOTE: The DOE will not assign half scores or percentages; thus, both a 3+ and a 3- final math course grade would be assigned a 3 in place of the missing state test score.

Final report card grades comprise 75% of the final score.
We will use all 9 grades on the final report card provided to us by the DOE:
Academic Grades: English, Math, Social Studies, Science
Social/Emotional Grades: Time Management, Organization, Perseverance, Asks for Help, Respect

The highest possible score for each subject is a 4, therefore a perfect score in all 9 areas would be 36 or 100%. The percentage value of any score lower than 36 will be calculated accordingly and then multiplied by 3 to reflect 75% of the total score.

The Standardized Test score and Report Card Score are then combined. Maximum score is 400.

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To learn more about East Side Middle School, prospective students and parents are invited to attend one of our Open House evenings held in the fall. Open House dates are organized according to your current elementary school in District 2. Our Fall 2019 Open House Schedule is now published under our website's ADMISSIONS tab.

If your child is an ICT student (IEP-mandated), a special Information Session will be held for parents on Wednesday, November 14, 2019 at 9:00am, regarding ICT admissions.
Please see the FALL 2019 OPEN HOUSE SCHEDULE, under our Admissions tab, for further details.

All questions regarding admissions should be directed to:

Lori McDermott
East Side Middle School
331 East 91st Street
New York City 10128

Phone: 212-360-0114

To learn more about Middle School Admissions in New York City, please click here for the Department of Education's website.
To learn more about School District #2, please visit  -