Our Mission

Our Mission

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The staff of East Side Middle School is dedicated to creating a community of rigorous learning and inquiry. We are also dedicated to creating an environment that encourages our students to develop their leadership skills and their ability to organize each other to accomplish their goals of improving their schools, their local community & the city.

In our work to improve the mental and emotional well-being of our students, we offer courses in emotional literacy, resilience, anti-bullying and anti-bias. We have a thriving Gender Sexuality Alliance club, and sex education for all of our students. We are also driven to create a school environment in which our students can pursue their talents and dreams and ambitions, their "element." With that in mind, we offer rich dance and visual arts programming. All sixth grade students take dance 3 times a week, and all seventh and eighth graders have studio art. All of our 8th graders take a semester of ballroom dance.

We are also driven to provide our students with the opportunities to be healthy and physically active, with a robust physical education/fitness program and a wide variety of team sports and movement opportunities in electives and after school.

Lastly, we are dedicated to the academic success of all our students. Our special education staff, working closely with our general education teachers, have created a rich academic program for all our learners.

East Side Middle School's goal is to help our students experience life in their ideal educational community.

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