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Free & Low Cost SHSAT Test Prep Options

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Advice from a parent - Discounts!   Always ask if discounts are available.  Discounts might be available based on school affiliation and/or other factors.  Many test prep companies will discount their fees, sometimes significantly, for families with financial challenges so don't hesitate to ask.
There are many prep books that you can buy at a local bookstore or online. Most cost between $10 and $20 each. These books provide many of the same kinds of tips and advice that you’d get in a prep class. Maurice Frumkin, Founder and President of NYC Admissions Solutions, and a recent guest speaker at our PTA meeting mentioned he was a fan of the Barron's SHSAT book.
NYC Admissions Solutions is also offering ESMS families a free 15 minute consultation to discuss any topic of testing and/or high schools.
The DOE’s Specialized High Schools Student Handbook includes practice exam questions and test-taking tips.
Check out Inside Schools Free Programs section for more options and also ask organizations in your neighborhood if they offer SHSAT prep.
For about $25 you can take an online prep course from This organization also offers free content, one-on-one tutoring for a fee, and some scholarships to cover the cost of their fees.
Some community organizations, such as the Hudson Guild offer free SHSAT prep to students.
PASSNYC is an organization dedicated to increasing the diversity of students taking the SHSAT. It offers resources for parents and students including a free summer SHSAT prep course for a limited number of rising 8th-graders.
Helicon Inc, a non-profit, offers a SHSAT prep program for free to black and Latina girls.
The DOE’s DREAM Program offers two free SHSAT prep programs open to New York City public school students who meet additional eligibility requirements. There’s a 22-month-long course open to 6th-graders and the Summer/Fall Intensive, a 38-session course open to rising 8th-graders.
Argo Prep offers low-cost, online test prep and tutoring.
While not SHSAT specific, Khan Academy offers online instruction/exercises/tests on a wide array of subjects including math and English. 


Academic Support Resources

Vendor Fair Participants

We hope you found the ESMS Academic Resource Fair on 10/17/2018 informative. The vendors at the Resource Fair are offering special incentives to ESMS families. Please take advantage of these great options and be sure to mention ESMS for potential discounts.  A special thanks to the following vendors for their support and participation!

Applerouth Tutoring
With Applerouth, you get the smartest approach to tutoring. We use the latest research in cognition, memory and motivation to help students achieve a higher level of success. Standardized tests are only part of the equation. Our tutors help students like you raise your grades and get ahead in school.  From review sessions before an important exam to ongoing academic support throughout the semester, we’re here to help each student reach their full potential.

Bee Tutored provides individualized attention and support, whether through assistance with homework and test preparation or focusing on specific skills and disciplines.  Free SHSAT and NYS ELA/MATH assessment exams.
10% off private tutoring & group classes to all East Side Middle School families using code #tutorfair.
Contact: | 917-482-4880

CATES Tutoring and Education Services
Founded in 2002 by Chris Ajemian, CATES offers support with education planning, academics, test prep, applications, and careers. An unwavering personal focus and individually-tailored methodology inform everything we do, whether it's private tutoring and classes or online and institutional programs. Our goal is simple: to help you figure out who you want to be—and how to get you there.  Contact: (212)359-4208
 CATES Test Prep Flyer      CATES Informational Flyer 

High School 411
With HS411, you get real-time updates and reminders about public school tours and deadlines, insider tips from people who've been through the process before with input like: questions to ask, options to consider, what needs to be done and when, plus a whole lot more.
ESMS families - receive a $10 discount when using code ESMS10 when signing up for their next offering in January 2019

Ivy Tutors Network
Ivy Tutors is offering a free diagnostic or practice test at their test center and the first SHSAT (or any subject or test prep) session at half price.
Contact Ivy Tutors at (800) 476-0596 or

Kweller Prep
Developed by an Attorney, Kweller Prep is an established accelerated education program with a 15-year record of success in preparing students for top specialized middle-school, high-school, college entrance, and graduate school exams.

NYC Admissions Solutions
Founded by a former Department of Education official and independent school admissions officer, we have helped hundreds of NYC families secure admission to many top public and independent schools within the NYC area.  We can help you improve your child’s chances of securing admission to a NYC public or independent school of choice – including the elite Specialized High Schools.
10% off any consultation package if redeemed by 6/1/19 using the code "ESMS family"
Webinar - "NYC Public HS Admissions: Everything You Need to Know Before Results Come Out."  Tuesday, February 26, 2019, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM.

Sheptin Tutoring
Sheptin Tutoring Group provides top-notch academic support and exam prep tutoring for New York State students. We emphasize problem-solving techniques and strategies. Our custom designed programs help students achieve higher test scores and improved academic standing. Please call 914-232-3743 to reserve your space or to reserve time for Spring 2019


East Side Middle School Sponsors
Thank you to the following sponsors who have donated generously to the ESMS PTA

Karen Berlin Ishii - Premier Academic Tutoring and Test Prep
All ESMS families are invited to schedule a complimentary 30-minute phone or Skype consultation: Ask Karen all your questions about tests and test prep – from tips for foundational study to strategizing your child's admissions testing, the best study materials and more. For tutoring students, 10% discount will be applied to the first lesson for ESMS students and siblings. Offers valid through end 2019. Visit Karen's website to learn more and find contact information at: