Register for Adjusted After-School Programming 2019

Effective June 10th, Manhattan Youth will be adjusting the schedule of after school for the end of the school year.    ALL spring activities will come to an end on Friday, June 7th (This includes sports practices). Adjusted programming will run from Monday, June 10th - Friday, June 21st. 

There will be no after school activities for the remainder of the school year after June 21st, 2019. 

During adjusted programming, four general activities will be offered: 

  • Study Lab:  A quiet and productive space, where students can complete their homework.  Computers and other resources are available for student usage.
  • Open Gym/ Sportscenter:  Supervised by our coaches, students will participate in a variety of physical activities.  Activities will be chosen on a daily basis based off of the interest of the students attending that day.  
  • Open Art:  Using art supplies from the year, students will have the freedom and tools to create and design their own masterpieces.
  • Movie/Games:  Each day, a different movie will be screened, with a variety of board games freely available.

On the following dates there will be the following special events, all are welcome to join via registration! 

June 12 - Karaoke Zone
June 13 - Basketball Tournaments
June 19 - Smash Bros Tournament
June 20 - Disney Movie Trivia 

In order for your child to participate in adjusted programing, you must complete the registration form below, no later than June 7th!