Email Termination Advisement for 8th Graders

8th Grade Email Accounts

8th Grader Email Account Termination


June 5, 2019


Attention 8th graders,

At the completion of the 2018-2019 school year, the email account given to 8th-grade students at the domain will be terminated.

Starting June 26, 2019, we will begin permanently deleting the graduating 8th graders' accounts. Once erased, no information associated with these accounts will be accessible to students, teachers or administration.

Please take this time to save any documents or emails to external hard drives or outside Gmail accounts. After June 26, 2019, students will not be able to access their emails, documents, sites or other resources accessed by the login. There are some helpful tutorials linked below to help you save/share any files that you would like to keep.

If you need assistance in transferring your information, please contact Mrs. Fure at

Helpful Tutorials:
Download your data -
Copying content from your school account to another account -

 Congratulations Graduates!