5th Grade Open House Schedule





East Side Middle School (ESMS) will hold a series of Open Houses to introduce 5th grade families to our school. These evening programs are designed for the student applicant and their parents or guardians. It is not necessary for families to register in order to attend an Open House.

 Each scheduled Open House is the same, so families need attend only one. The program consists of a presentation by ESMS staff and students, including a short video. This will be followed by a question and answer period. Because of space constraints, we ask that you adhere to the schedule below. If you absolutely must change dates, please call us after September 18th.



Time:                                 Tuesdays 6:15pm-7:15pm  (except Wed., Oct. 5)


Location:                         East Side Middle School Cafeteria

                                               331 East 91st Street (between 1st/2nd Avenues)


Dates:                                  Assigned Elementary Schools:

Oct. 5                                     PS 6

Oct. 14                                   ICT Information Session*  8:45am in the library.  

                                                 (*Only for parents of 5th grade Special Education students.  RSVP required -- see below.)

Oct. 18                                  PS 158, PS 267 

Oct. 25                                  PS 290, PS 59

Nov. 1                                    PS 77, PS 151, Private Schools

Nov. 15                                 PS 40, PS 41, PS 116, PS 150, PS 198, PS 212,

                                                PS 217, PS 225, PS 234

 Nov. 22                                PS 183, PS 111, PS 124, PS 126, PS 130

                                                PS 1, PS 2, PS 3, PS 11, PS 33, PS 42, PS 551,

                                                PS 89, PS 276, PS 397


If possible, we ask that attendance at the Open House be restricted to the parents and child(ren) applying to ESMS.   Families with questions are welcome to call Caren Austen or Lori McDermott at East Side Middle School: #212-360-0114.

*Parents of Special Education students are invited to join us for an information session on Friday, October 14 at 8:45 am in our library. Please RSVP to esms.lori@gmail.com. The subject line should read “RSVP ICT Open House.”  Please include the name of the parent(s) attending, your child’s name and their current school.  No children at this meeting, please.  In addition to this meeting, you are welcome to attend a general Open House with your child on the designated date for your elementary school.